PLX 2022

Art focused after movie for the music and arts festival PLX on Tjärö, an island in Blekinge, Sweden.

Della Casa

Comedy / documentary series for Under Produktion, two seasons filmed and distributed 2021-2023.

Toi Let - Leatherman (DÖDEN Remix)

Music video for Toi Let, released on Adrian Recordings, 2020.

Showreel 2019

Music video showreel for 2019.

Oatly - Grammis 2019

Introduction for the Oatly and Agrikultur chef collaboration for the Grammis Festival 2019.

Bo Mehr - Drive All Night

Music video for solo artist Bo Mehr, released on Adrian Recordings, 2018.

LAND404 Art Residency 2018

Interviews and show documentation for the LAND404 Art Residency in Gullholma, Blekinge, Sweden.


Music video for Malmö based rapper Snövit, track released by TVFEH on the 2019 album KOBRA.

AURA OYASUMI - Golden Shiva

Music video for Malmö based rap duo Aura Oyasumi aka Jonathan Jörnfalk & Vera Stiglund, released as single on HYBRIS Rec and TVFEH, 2018.

HI ON LIFE 2.0.6

Video for the 2.0.6 collection of Malmö/Ghana based fashion brand Hi On Life.

SOLAR - Far From Valid Information

Music video for Malmö based duo SOLAR. Released on Rundgång Rekords, 2019.


Music video for Malmö based rapper Snövit, track released by TVFEH on the 2018 album DEMON.


Music video for JOY, released as single on Pizzaslice, 2018.

Lawgiver - Taste Defeat

Music video for crossover metal/hardcore band LAWGIVER, released on BDHW Records, 2017.

DÖDEN - The Streets Moved Like Snakes

Music video for electronic artist DÖDEN, track released 2017 on Adrian Recordings.